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Top reasons that make escorts blacklist potential clients

It is very common to find high class escorts blacklisting their clients for various reasons. When escorts blacklist their clients, they do it without notice. Basically, there are various reasons that can make an escort blacklist a client. First, a client who wastes an escort’s time will always be blacklisted. When escorts are booking clients early on in the process, they tend to target clients who waste time. During the booking process, a client who calls an escort and attempts to engage the escort in unnecessary small talks rather than going through the process will be deemed to be wasting time. Clients or potential clients who contact escorts and ask a lot of questions that are not applicable to the booking process are also deemed timewasters. If a client asks an escort what she is wearing during the booking process, the escort will simply hang up and blacklist the caller.  This is why sometimes, instead of spending money, you are better off watching some celebrity porn, like the most recent Celestia Vega porn video – which we love.

One thing most people do not understand about luxury escorts is that these escorts are business like especially when on the phone booking a client. This is because, during the booking process, escorts try to write down all details about who the client is, where they should meet the client and the rates they charge for their services. If an escort suspects that a potential client is trying to obtain other information out of her or obtain cheap thrills by talking to her, the escort will cut the caller immediately. Apart from being a timewaster, a person may be blacklisted by a high class escort if he keeps on calling back the escort repeatedly. When most people call back repeatedly, they usually have some new requests or new questions about the escort or the whole escorting process.

Such clients are labeled as demanding and timewasters and will be blacklisted by a porn escort immediately. If an escort determines that a would-be client is wasting their time and will never make a booking or follow through with the scheduled encounter, the escort will blacklist the would-be client. It is highly recommended that when contacting an escort, a client should get to the point. First-time clients will always have many questions, and if this is the case, they should ask those questions directly. If a client is not sure that they want to hire the escort, they should state it during the phone conversation and allow the escorts to go back to their work. A client can always call an escort back immediately after making a decision on booking the escort.

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