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Sugar Baby Arrangement Examples

More often than should be acceptable, we, the SugarDaters® team, receive complaints from both SugarBabies and SugarDaddies that either party is only looking for sex. That is not what sugardating is about and this behaviour usually earns a ban. Moreover, by behaving this way, they are completely missing the point and are denying themselves the chance of having one of the best dating experiences. So… to give some pointers, we have listed a number of different ways to approach SugarDating arrangements with your partner.

1. Regular fine dining invitation

This is by far the sure-kill arrangement you can propose or ask for. Delicious food automatically makes people loosen up and it will be more likely to share stories about themselves. It is basically both a SugarDaddy’s and a SugarBaby’s chance to shine with charm and wits. As Anthony Bourdain, American chef, says, “There is something humanising about putting aside differences, if only for a moment, to discuss how good biscuits taste.”

2. Business travel companion

This is one of the most beneficial agreements for both parties. More often than not, SugarDaddies or SugarMamas find themselves dragged to distant locations due to business. Even though they cannot appreciate the flavours & exoticism of their destination, it does not mean someone else can’t. By offering to bring along a SugarBabe, they get to enjoy the company of someone who brings a spark in their lives while the SugarBabe gets to discover a new destination – 2 birds with 1 stone.

3. Monthly shopping spree

Sometimes, SugarDaddies tend to be set in their ways and eventually get outdated in terms of fashion style. This is where a SugarBaby comes in. She brings in a fresh pair of eyes to help the SugarDaddy up his game and, at the same time, get some help with her own shopping. This a win-win sugarbaby arrangement!

4. Holiday trip companion

Vacation is better spent in a good company – that is a fact. Having spent most of their time on their businesses, not all Sugardaddies have families to go back to after work. They are humans too. They need to connect, to share emotions and to unwind as well. By inviting their sugardate to accompany them on their vacation, both parties get to benefit from the trip.

5. Exclusivity Relationship

The name says it all. It may also be called the “gateway arrangement” into a more conventional/monogamous relationship. Basically, it means that the SugarDaddy and SugarBaby are only allowed to see each other. The requirements to land this agreement is also harder to meet since it requires both sugardaters to find each other’s physical and personality traits pleasing or, at least, tolerable.

6. Instagram co-star

There is this idea that SugarDaddies are all men in their mid-forties. That is not true. Social Media has been a game-changer and you can now easily find sugardaddies in their early thirties. Influencers. A young influencer SugarDaddy connecting with a young sugarbabe influencer to benefit each other’s Instagram growth is nothing to be surprised about. It is basically a business partnership for featuring on each other’s account. This is one of the lesser known arrangements which is currently growing in popularity.

Listed above are some of the most common acceptable relationship agreements. What kind of sugarbaby arrangement did you have? We would love to hear about it. Send us an email at to share your story with us.

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