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Annuaire du Porn

Sugar Baby Arrangement Examples

More often than should be acceptable, we, the SugarDaters® team, receive complaints from both SugarBabies and SugarDaddies that either party is only looking for sex. That is not what sugardating is about and this behaviour usually earns a ban. Moreover, by behaving this way, they are completely missing the point and are denying themselves the chance of having one of the best dating experiences. So… to give some pointers, we have listed a number of different ways to approach SugarDating arrangements with your partner. read more

The benefits of owning a realistic male sex doll

While browsing the internet we came across several very interesting facts about owning a realistic male sex doll. As we all know, the sex doll industry has flourished over the last couple of years, thanks to the magnificent improvements in technology and manufacturing processes. Today’s love dolls are realistic, extremely beautiful, and reasonably priced. They even come with a fully articulated metal skeleton which allows you to have your male sex doll in any position you can think of. This means that your imagination can truly go wild with these amazing sex toys. read more

Can your soulmate be 20-30 years younger?

The mirror effect in sugar dating

Can you recognise a kind of soulmate in a person who is 20 or even 30 years younger than you? Some members of Sugardaters® might chuckle and reply that it can’t be done, because multi-generational relationships are nothing more than the kind of ‘marriage of convenience’ that can be characterised as simply paying for someone’s company.

Yet in all the years you’ve been sugar dating, have you ever had the nagging feeling that a sugar baby was close to you? Right away you could connect with her emotions, you could imagine her among her family members and, as if by magic, these thoughts inspired you how to behave and she could confide in you very naturally. Confidence came easily. This is what psychology calls the “mirror effect“. read more

The Dream of Sugar Dating

Sugar Dating represents a dream, an exchange between two people in need.

At the beginning, Sugar Dating is about defining with accuracy your own needs and then putting yourself in the best possible light in order to maximise your chances for finding a compatible person. There is no immediate success, it is the pathway that counts. In other words, what you learn at each step of your experience will determine the quality of your future relationships.

On each date it is crucial to make space in your life for the sugar baby you are interested in. In this way you are giving a real dimension to the relationship. Sugar Dating is definitely not a “quicky” in a brothel. It demands a real emotional investment. Although the financial side exists, it is important not to create a feeling of obligation for your sugar baby. Prepare yourself to suit the role, think like a sugar daddy, yet be natural and relaxed. Whether because of magic or of attraction, some babies will come knocking at your door. read more

Basic Skills for Sugar Daddies: Why Social Intuition Works?

Social intuition comes with practice. Every Sugar Daddy should learn to get used to a woman’s presence.

Some of the skills that all good Sugar Daddies should have: anticipating reactions, defusing a conflict, knowing how to smoothly propose an outing and others.

However, this is not that easy to acquire, since one of the main issues is that Sugar Daddies have to deal with various personalities in ever changing contexts. This requires the skill to adapt to situations where the Sugar Daddy must put his Sugar Babe’s emotions before his own and take the right decisions with detachment and discernment when it is necessary.

This can be a real concern for a 40-50 years old man hardened by life and its low blows that have pushed him to get into the bad habit of imposing his choices despite the circumstances. read more

Sugar Dating Is Not Just Sugar Dating: Everyone Is Different

Around Easter, I can celebrate my first year anniversary after trying out Sugar Dating for the first time. When I started out, I really had low expectations.

It started out as a fun thing to try, with no expectation of continuing it. However, I quickly realised the Sugar Dating is not like media describes it.

What I quickly found out on the site, was that sugar-dating is not just one thing. I have come to realize that you really have two axes that people are on:

  • One axis is “I really need sugar” vs. “I don’t want sugar
  • One axis is “I want fun” vs “I want serious

I think many people get the wrong picture just by looking at the “I really need sugar” + “I want fun” part of the Sugar Dating community. I have absolutely nothing against people that want that combination, it’s just a huge turn-off for me so I avoid it. read more

SugarDating and Money: Can they be combined?

Sugar Dating and Money, Can They Be Combined?

Contrary to what many sugardaddies may believe, there are cases where money can work against a sugardaddy’s interests.

“Why is he so special for me to decide to stay with him?” is a question a woman likes to ask, not only in Sugardating but also in any other kind of relationship.  

On the one hand, a sugarbaby likes to be praised, to feel as if she is the most beautiful woman and to be the centre of attention. On the other hand (unlike many sugardaddies might believe) she likes to be challenged as well, in the sense that she needs to find reasons to persuade herself to be with you.  

Being in the company of other women in front of her, is of course one of the things that you can do in order to provoke her curiosity and to improve her interest in you. However, not letting her know that you are willing to spend money on her (not even talking about money at all) can really be a test for measuring the level of attraction she has for you!

I can recall two particular cases of sugarbabies from SugarDaters that I have dated in the past. During our dates, I chose not to address the question of money at all. I foremost wanted to see how much I could approach her without playing the card of money. After two weeks of a constant exchange of calls and texts I managed to go out with them for dinner AND spend the night with them afterwards, without mentioning money. Then I quickly realised that these sugarbabies were not in need of money in the first place. read more

When a sugar baby is a master manipulator

For most of the sugar babies, a sugar daddy plays the role of the saviour. He is the one who saves them from parental authority and strict education. He provides them with a door that leads to a life full of experiences where they can also discover their own body.

By replacing the father’s affection, a sugar daddy can be a guide or a mentor as well.   Because of his cool and relaxed attitude, whilst giving wise advice about career, love or friendship, the sugar daddy inspires confidence and represents a natural authority free from judgment. read more

How do sugar daddies cope with getting older?

How do sugar daddies cope with getting older?

Sugar daddies represent experience and wisdom. However, after the age of 40, not all of them know which direction their sentimental life should take. Although, sugar dating for some just means entertainment, for some others it is a real initiation course that usually occurs after a divorce at an age when their personal values are questioned. The beauty of sugar dating is the period when it happens: it is the time when sugar babies (women at the end of their adolescence) meet sugar daddies (men at the beginning of their emotional reconstruction period). At the age of forty (or even more), some men embrace the image of a “holy mother” by considering well educated model girls as their own daughters. They then start to play the role of guide advisor and protector. They support them. They become their sugar daddies. read more

Your Sugarbabe’s essentials

Dear SugarDaddies,

We simply can’t get enough of becoming more familiar with our members lifestyle, and what is a better way to do so, than to run yet another survey.

This time we’d like to get straight to business and ask you about your financial relationship with your SugarBabe. Do you think your babe’s wishes are too demanding? How much of your income actually goes on keeping her spoiled?

If you want to participate, go ahead and answer three simple questions in the survey below. Each daddy’s opinion counts and all answers are completely anonymous. We can’t wait to see the results! The final data may be used for marketing purposes. read more

#HOTOGRAPHY2019: participate in SugarDaters Blog Instagram challenge and win a SPA treatment for two!

UPDATE!!! We give you 10 more days (until Sunday the 17th of March) to participate in our SugarDaters Blog Instagram challenge!

The conditions to win a SPA treatment for 2 stay the same: post a hot picture of yourself, use the #HOTOGRAPHY2019 and tag @SugarDaters Blog (IG).

Please keep in mind that we will not consider tagging your old posts as eligible for the challenge. Let’s keep it fair!


Let’s be real – you’re probably posting a photography of yourself on Instagram once in a while (or all the time, we don’t judge). But what if this time you post a hotography instead? read more

The Diamond Self Process: Banish Self-Sabotage in 5 Minutes a Day

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Meditation for Healing Your Love Relationship: My Valentine to You

Meditation for Healing Your Love Relationship Meditation has been the cornerstone of spiritual practices for thousands of years. It has been proven by scientific research to be one of the most potent and lasting destressors. I believe that the reason it is so effective is that meditation can put you in touch with a Higher […]

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Successful Women Dating: Thinking of Hiring A Matchmaker?

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Bonfire of Past Hurts: Free Yourself to Create True Love

The Bonfire of Past Hurts With love comes pain. To love is to become vulnerable, opening your boundaries so that you become one with the Beloved. But, because we are all human, all imperfect, there inevitably comes a loss of connection either in small ways, through subtle distancing, criticism or conflict, or in much more […]

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Dating A Man With Kids

Dating A Man with Kids Dating a man with kids can be daunting, especially if he’s really involved with them. And if the children are young he will place them above you in terms of time, attention and importance. Can you handle that? This blog includes a video response to a reader who is dating […]

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Top reasons that make escorts blacklist potential clients

It is very common to find high class escorts blacklisting their clients for various reasons. When escorts blacklist their clients, they do it without notice. Basically, there are various reasons that can make an escort blacklist a client. First, a client who wastes an escort’s time will always be blacklisted. When escorts are booking clients early on in the process, they tend to target clients who waste time. During the booking process, a client who calls an escort and attempts to engage the escort in unnecessary small talks rather than going through the process will be deemed to be wasting time. Clients or potential clients who contact escorts and ask a lot of questions that are not applicable to the booking process are also deemed timewasters. If a client asks an escort what she is wearing during the booking process, the escort will simply hang up and blacklist the caller.  This is why sometimes, instead of spending money, you are better off watching some celebrity porn, like the most recent Celestia Vega porn video – which we love. read more

Deep Dive (Part 3)

It was mid-September, but the weather was still unseasonably warm.  There were no signs yet of autumn colour. Kate and I had now been seeing each other for almost three months, and I’d started introducing her to some of my closer friends. This weekend, she was set to meet Ethan and Jenna, who I’d known for more than 20 years.   They were a long-term couple that owned a small, ‘farm to

Strip Poker II (The Sequel)

I arrived to see three guys would be participating in tonight’s event, including the uncircumcised college boy I was with last time. The lucky seven girls arrived all excited to watch and film the event, of which all seven got copies to share with their girlfriends and also use to get off, following such a memorable event. One girl made all the still photos, while another did the videos.

Alice Is Spanked Again

The holiday was going by all too quickly for Alice, although she had already agreed to meet up with Melanie when they got home as they didn’t live very far from each other. Melanie had retained her very strict and quick to discipline attitude towards Alice who, at fifty-eight-years-old, loved submitting to eighteen-year-old Melanie. What was better, for Alice, was to find out that she

Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 10

This is a continuation of a story about a wife’s evolution into infidelity with other men. It contains my usual themes of wife infidelity, cuckolding, and voyeurism. I appreciate the feedback I have received and some of the correspondence. I have taken some of your suggestions and interwoven them into my stories. I look forward to your continued comments. Background: The story takes

Feeding an addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 17

Karonga, Malawi: Thursday 19th October 2017 Five thirty a.m. and my iPhone’s alarm was trying to raise a weary traveler from his soft and comfy hotel bed. As the hot jets played over my body my mind wandered back over the last day’s events. After my late night call with Sue, I’d only had six hours sleep before I had to go forth to face the world and the failing project I was here to fix.

Long Distance Relationships: Should I Move 3000 Miles?

The Complexity of Long Distance Relationships Long Distance Relationships can be challenging. You meet a great person and it feels like a glorious, soulmate relationship. You are dreaming about an amazing future with this great match, who definitely feels like the One. Only problem is, he or she lives a long way away from where […]

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How to avoid getting scammed when hiring escorts online

It is very easy to be scammed when looking for high class escorts online. One reason for this is that scammers use many methods of attracting as many people as possible and all the methods they use always look genuine. There are certain things people should always follow when hiring escorts online to avoid being scammed. First, a person should never pay a deposit. Many scammers usually ask for a deposit up front in order to book a client. If an ad requires that a person makes a small initial deposit, one should know they are being scammed. When a client makes a deposit, they have lost money since they will not be guaranteed that the escort will even show up. This is why, if you are unsure, you are better off just by Celestia Vega nudes or her recently leaked porn. read more

Ending Loneliness

Have you ever dreamed of escaping from loneliness? Have you ever dreamed of ending loneliness? Of not doing it all by yourself? Or do you want to feel secure and nourished by a real partner who Appreciates You for Who You Really Are? What if I told you that total self-reliance is a prescription for […]

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What Are Men Really After

Are men really after one thing: sex? It’s been almost 10 years since I originally wrote this piece. So I wanted to update the research findings and my own learning about what are men really after. Honestly, not a lot has changed. Commercials, ads, sitcoms, reality shows and popular magazines still tell us that guys […]

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Secret Flirting Tips: Dating Advice for Women #3

Secret Flirting Tips Here’s one of my most popular vids on secret flirting tips.  Dr. Diana Kirschner teaches you powerful secret flirting tips designed to help you attract and date great men! You will learn three different flirting tips based on Dr. Diana’s bestselling dating advice book, Love in 90 Days. And don’t forget, […]

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A Sugar Babe’s 10 years Challenge

Have you already taken part into the #10yearschallenge movement? If not, we invite you to do so but with a twist. To be precise we dare you to think about at where would you see yourself in 10 years from now.

Which category are you in? “Once a Sugar Babe, always a Sugar Babe? Or you would see yourself more in “From Sugar Babe to Sugar Mama?”

If you’ve watched our short video, leave a comment below saying where do you think you’re gonna be in 10 years from now.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram read more

What counts as cheating?

Dear sugardaters,

We would like to ask you for 2 min of your time and fill in the survey you can find below. The survey concerns your experience and thoughts about infidelity. We assure your that all answers are anonymous so there is no right or wrong answer.

Infidelity used to have negative connotations that have been relaxing steadily through the years. Several recent studies have shown a very large percentage of men and women in monogamous relationships that actively search for an affair.

InfideliDating is a prejudice-free club where men and women are given the respect to make their own decisions for their own private reasons without any external judgement. The platform is a safe tool for those seeking an affair. read more

Let’s make 2019 the year of interaction on SugarDaters®

Let’s make 2019 the year of interaction on SugarDaters®

Does this situation look familiar? If you are a sugar daddy, perhaps you are about to give up on your hopes to find a sugar baby of your dreams. Why? Because you are sending out tons of messages and receive silence, or sometimes even a price list, in return. We understand how frustrating that can be and we are ready to help you change that. Think about it this way. The quality of Sugar Daters community depends on all of us. So please report the users that are offering their services or are otherwise breaking our rules. Furthermore, make sure you are making the most of your subscription by starting interesting and meaningful conversations. Younger people can be spoiled by attention and easily distracted. So it is up to you to make your first message stands out from the rest. read more

Become somebody’s Santa: a warmer Christmas for the homeless in Romania

Become somebody’s Santa: SugarDaters® invite you to help the homeless in Romania

So we assume you already got a present for your Sugar babe (if not, what are you waiting for??). But have you already made your Christmas donation? As a Sugar Daddy, you don’t need a lesson on how to be generous, giving and supporting. You know that better than anyone. So let’s get right down to business.

What Is This About?

This Christmas, we decided to connect our Sugar Daddies with those in need. As a result, we partnered up with Samusocial – an organisation that for 9 years is working to improve the living conditions of the homeless in Romania. read more

Sugar Advisor: That’s a Wrap.

That’s a Wrap.


Do you know the feeling that one chapter of your life has come to end? That you needed this process to create the person you are now? My chapter related to this blog naturally ended. The past 17 months have been an incredible and unforgettable experience. I had a chance to describe my life and unconventional events related to Sugar Dating.

Thanks to SugarDaters Blog I got to know many inspiring, positive and open-minded people. I was able to express my feelings, passions, and frustrations. I also think that I went through a transformation as an author. From an inexperienced blogger, I became a full-blown writer expressing myself in a sincere way. Weekly diving into reflections of Sugar Dating gave me an understanding of this type of life and let me get to know this environment. I got rid of many prejudices and I opened myself to others. Nobody will take away my experiences, and the people I have met will become friends for years. read more