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Make the most of your mobile experience on SugarDaters

When developing the new website, we kept in mind the fact that you prefer to browse SugarDaters on your smartphone. We really wanted to have an app for you, but Apple  generally is not allowing sugar dating apps into their AppStore. Therefore, our main goal was to create a mobile-friendly interface that would allow you to check your matches, read and write messages, and browse sugar daddies and sugar babies in your area when you’re on the go.


Today we are sharing a simple trick for iOS & Android devices that will make your SugarDaters experience as convenient and distraction-free as can be. SugarDaters mobile page is designed for you to be able to navigate between pages easily, so you do not need the browsers buttons to do so. read more

Dating During Covid-19: Seven Ways to Do It Safely

There’s been a lot of bad news about not dating during Covid-19. There are risks to be sure. And at this writing 170,000 people have died from the pandemic. So you have to be careful if you do proceed. The good news is that guys are reaching out more because there is a desire for…

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What is a sugar mama?


Sugar Mama is a term lesser known outside of the sugar dating community. Everyone has got an idea on what a sugar daddy and a sugar baby are, but what is a sugar mama?


What kind of women become sugar mamas?


In modern society, the days when men were pulling all the strings are long gone. Now, we are finally able to comprehend that women are able to compete on the same level and achieve incredible things as leaders, scientists, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, or whatever they choose to pursue. And, of course, they are aware that whatever type of relationship they choose, their choice is valid. read more

What is a sugar baby?

The concept of a sugar baby is surrounded by many theories. Some think sugar babies are purely materialistic people, while others idolize their social status and power over men. Both of these preconceptions are, however, far from reality.


So what is a sugar baby, and what does it actually mean to be one?


Generally speaking, she is a woman who is attracted to men (sugar daddies) and/or women (sugar mamas) who are accomplished, experienced, have a clear vision for life as well as a generous mindset towards their sugar partner. read more

What is a sugar daddy?

The term sugar daddy sounds familiar to many of us. We see it used in social media and pop culture, but what actually is a sugar daddy?


It’s quite simple! A sugar daddy is someone who feels fulfilled in his life and is looking for someone special—a sugar baby or a boy toy—to enjoy it with.


Generally, a sugar daddy is someone who is seen as successful and generous. But what does it mean? After all, success can mean different things to different people. To some, it’s wealth. To others, success means living a fulfilled life rich in meaningful experiences. Either way, being generous and sharing your success is not just about money. It’s also about sharing your experience, life advice and mentorship. read more

We promise to make it all better

We would like to apologise for the quality of the new SugarDaters release we shipped last Wednesday. Unfortunately, at launch we encountered bugs and unexpected technical issues. 

We have already corrected a lot of issues. And we know there are still more and the team is working around the clock to fix them. 

We would like to thank you for your patience and for your feedback! All your emails especially the ones accompanied by video recordings exemplifying the issues, helped us to fix most of them really quick. Please continue giving us feedback as detailed as possible so that we can work on improving the overall experience on the platform.  read more

What is sugar dating?

For those who have never tried it, sugar dating is a mysterious topic. Those who have, however, rarely want to go back to traditional relationships. Sugar dating opens up a whole new world of possibilities and experiences and, more than any other type of relationship, has the potential to be entirely drama-free. Whether you’d like to meet someone experienced and generous, or beautiful and charming, sugar dating is exactly what you’re looking for.


So what makes this type of relationship so special? And what is sugar dating that SugarDaters support and promote? read more

Stay-at-home date ideas: summer 2020

For many of us summer 2020 was supposed to be different. We had vacation plans that got cancelled, our travel possibilities are more limited than ever before, so many of us decided to stay home instead of going away. But don’t you worry! We’ve prepared some stay-at-home date ideas, so that your summer (and your relationship) wouldn’t be boring!


Do things locally

The Corona pandemic put many businesses in big financial worry. Now it’s more important than ever to support your local businesses and incorporate them into your date night! Visit all your favorite restaurants, cafes and bars. You don’t want them to go out of business, do you?.Also, now is a great time to be a tourist in your own city. Visit local establishments – museums, art galleries, tourist attractions and so on. With fewer visitors, they need your help! Besides, without the usual crowds, they’re more pleasant to visit. read more

Summer 2020 date ideas: if you’re travelling

If where you are travelling is no longer a problem, you are probably wondering what are the ways to spend your summer vacation with your sugar partner. These 5 summer 2020 date ideas might come in handy when planning some special moments with your sugar baby or your sugar daddy.


Spend a weekend at your summer house

If you’ve been in your current sugar relationship for a while now, taking your sugar partner to a summer house might be exactly the right escape from everyday worries. Enjoy some quiet time far away from the city noise and responsibilities where you two can pick berries, take a swim in the lake or relax in a hammock enjoying fresh forest air. read more

5 ways to show your sugar partner that you think about them

Whether you’re just living your lives or doing the long distance thing, your sugar baby or sugar daddy will really appreciate small acts of attention that are something else than a regular message or a phone call. Looking for ideas? Here are 5 little non-stalky reminders to your sugar partner that you think about them.


Order them flowers/their favourite meal to their house

Or make dinner, arrange a romantic picnic or show up with flowers at their doorstep yourself. Most importantly, make it a surprise! Just make sure he or she likes them   read more

5 Sugar Daddy Benefits That Have Nothing to Do With Sex

When thinking sugar daddy benefits, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is physical intimacy. It’s a normal part of most romantic relationships out there, so there is no point to focus on that here. Besides, sugar dating relationships can be platonic as well you are the one who decides how your relationship should look! What sugar daddy benefits are we talking about then?


1. Staying in touch with the current culture

Age difference often plays a part in sugar dating relationships (but it doesn’t have to). Dating someone from another age group is exposing you to new activities. You taste food you wouldn’t have normally tried, you start practicing a sport that you never thought of, or visit new bars and places, where you wouldn’t normally step in. Which definitely broadens up your horizons. read more

What is Emotional Cheating? Five Signs to Help You Know

Are you wondering, what is emotional cheating?  Maybe you are feeling lonely in your relationship or marriage.  But it seems like your spouse is focused elsewhere.  He or she may have a very “special” close friend, maybe at work or in your social network.  And you wonder if they are having an affair.  It seems…

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Love is Blind: Here’s How to Date During the Coronavirus

As the Netflix show (and the old saying) goes, love is blind!  Which means that you can find true love during the coronavirus outbreak– in spite of all its hysteria and social distancing.  And just maybe, because of it. Dating is doing well! There has been no change in the number of people downloading dating…

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How to Get Over Your Ex: Five Tips to Help You Move On

Are you wondering just how to get over your ex?  Perhaps you are feeling lots of pain, loneliness and longing, a sense of emptiness that is hard to shake.  Maybe you are obsessing about what happened, how you were hurt or what you should have said or done to keep your partner or spouse with…

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5 sugar baby benefits that have nothing to do with money

There are plenty of benefits having a sugar partner, a sugar daddy or a sugar mama, can bring to your life. So what are the best sugar baby benefits that you can expect from having a sugar partner?


1. Emotional support


It’s not to say that your sugar daddy will (or should) be your therapist just because he’s older than you are. He has his life and his problems. However, depending on the level of trust you have in your relationship, he can be the right person to share what you’re going through in your personal life. Your sugar daddy/sugar mama is likely someone who cares about you and can make you feel safe and taken care of.  read more

How to be attractive to sugar babies?

In last week’s post we gave some advice to sugar babies on how to be attractive to sugar daddies. Now it’s time to switch the tables. Sugar daddies, read our post and see how you can captivate the sugar babe of your dreams.


1. Make your profile more interesting

Before you even think about the first date with your sugar baby, your profile needs to make an impression! There are so many aspects to think about – from profile picture to what to write in the first message. You can read all about it here. read more

How to be attractive to sugar daddies? Read our 5 tips!

As it comes to attraction, physical appearance is, of course, the first thing that comes to mind. While it is indeed the catalyst for the initial sparks, it doesn’t guarantee sustained interest. In other words, even if you look like Angelina Jolie, your sugar daddy (or your sugar mama) may lose interest in you over time. Read our 5 tips on how to be attractive to sugar daddies to make sure your relationship lasts for as long as you want it to.


1. Invest time in your mind

You may have his/her eyes on you the moment you enter the room. But it’s the content of your conversation and the way you make him feel that is going to make him remember you. World events, types of wine you like, your hobbies and interests… Make sure you have something interesting to elaborate on topics like these. read more

Top dating advice from 15 experienced sugar babes

We asked our sugar babes to share their one ultimate sugar dating advice with the ones who are now ready to re-enter the real life dating scenario after a long break of social distancing. Now that the summer is here and you may finally go outside and meet people, dating is no longer just a prospect of a distant future.


And hence, what is that one thing that sugar babes wish they had known before joining sugar dating? Or what’s that one thing you should always bear in mind when dating someone older? What are some of the do’s and don’ts in sugar dating as well as dating in general? These 15 experienced sugar babes reveal some crucial insights and actions taken in their journey which lead to successful sugar dating relationships. read more

SugarDaters Premium membership payment error

Dear Sugar Daters,


Those of you who wanted to pay for your Premium membership recently, may have experienced problems regarding the payment. The reason for this was an issue with our payment gateway.

So, we would like to inform you that the error is now fixed and we are happy to welcome you to SugarDaters Premium world again.



SugarDaters team

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3 reasons why sugar dating is the most drama-free type of relationship

If you have ever been in a relationship, you must know that more or less drama cannot be avoided. Or can it? Sugar dating is not your everyday conventional dating. And relationships that come out of it have a fair share of potential to be drama-free. Why? Read below.


1. Sugar dating prevents failed expectations

We tend to attribute the qualities that we want out of a person to someone who we just fell in love with. In other words, we fall in love with the idea of that person, and not what they actually are. They are lovely, and lovable, so they must be also everything else that we want. Right? Not really. read more

Top 5 misconceptions about boy toys

Since you’re already here, you must know who a boy toy – an often overlooked figure in sugar dating – is. In case you don’t, a boy toy is someone who is into dating successful, experienced and usually older men or women. In other words, it’s like a sugar baby, only a guy version of it. Boy toys are not talked about as much as sugar babies, however, these rare beautiful birds are an intensely growing demographic in sugar dating. And yet, perhaps even more so than sugar babes, they are surrounded by misleading stereotypes. These are several most common. read more

Facetuning your profile picture: how much is too much?

We all love apps that help us look better. Whether it be our pics on social media or those on dating profiles, we just want them to look as good as possible. Or, in other words, facetuning the hell out of them. And that’s perfectly understandable. Online dating and social media allow us to create the version of ourselves that we want. Which is not necessarily entirely the same as mother nature gave us.


Is there a limit to which changing the shapes of your body, blurring perceived imperfections on your face, enhancing your eye colour, changing the shape of your lips or nose, the thickness of your eyelashes and just making everything pretty with tons of filters is still OK? No. You do you. If your phone can give you a virtual plastic surgery, why not make the most of it? read more

Guest Submission: Grown up Sugar Baby – It’s Never Too Late for Sugar Dating!

When people think about being a sugar baby, the first thing that comes to their mind are very young and  supple twenty something girls. Certainly not a 39 year old mother of two.

Yet, here I am. I am Anna and I am a sugar baby. 

I decided to try SugarDaters in 2015, after the umpteenth awkward date hastily arranged on the dating site of that week. Tinder, Badoo, e-harmony, POF, OkCupid, Bumble. I tried them all. I am not sure if it was the algorithms, the quantity of possible pursuers or just my bad luck, but I ended up in a chain of borderline disastrous meetups. Offline, it was not that much different. I had similar outcomes with the classic approaches too, like the blind-date-with- a- friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, the tipsy-bar-night and an occasional speed-dating event. Our interests rarely matched, let alone our needs, expectations or necessities.  read more

Top 5 age gap relationships misconceptions

People love to judge, especially when it comes to things they don’t really understand. Age gap relationships are definitely one of those things that raise an eyebrow or two for those who… just don’t get it. Here are 5 most common misconceptions surrounding age gap relationships.


1. The younger one is only in it for materialistic reasons


This is probably the most common one, well represented in movies and pop culture by the widespread ‘gold digger’ archetype. Such people do exist, however, it’s not always the case. Some young people like dating more experienced individuals because of the kind of charm that only comes with experience. read more

Is sugar dating season already open?

Denmark, Norway, Germany and some other European countries are gradually loosening up coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Now that you probably made a long-awaited appointment for a haircut and some of your favorite shops have reopened, it might be tempting to think about opening the dating season. It’s spring after all!


It definitely might feel as if the lockdown has been lasting forever by now. Besides, it is hard to imagine spring without love. So, should you invite a sugar daddy, a sugar baby, a sugar mama or a boy toy you’ve been in touch with during the lockdown on an actual date? read more

Stuck in an unhappy relationship? There is a way out

While the lockdown has been a challenge for the happiest of couples, some of the relationships that were not that stable in the first place turned out to be simply unbearable. Read further if you have found yourself in an unhappy relationship.


If you can’t handle me during a pandemic, you don’t deserve me at my best. Or whatever the saying is


Research shows that there has been a dramatic peak in divorce cases as well as horrible increase in domestic violence during the lockdown period. Even if your partner is not physically abusive, you might as well have realized that spending so much time together with him/her well… just sucks. No. read more

FEELING HOLLOW INSIDE? Find Your Easter SugarBunny!

Each year, Easter is a time when we get to see our loved ones. We gather with our families, colour Easter eggs or play Easter games. This year, our usual Easter traditions evaporated into thin air for many of us. If you’re single, chances are, you might be feeling lonely while supporting social distancing. Time to find your Easter SugarBunny!


How can I chase away the loneliness, you might ask? Well, that is exactly why we came up with our Easter SugarBunny offer. If you hurry up by 12 04 2020, you can get 1 week of SugarDaters Premium subscription for a special price. You can see the price for your area by entering the code ‘sugarbunny’ on our payment page. read more

How To Get a Date in Corona Times? Read our 5-Step Guide!

As of lately, those of us who are single find ourselves having a lot of free time on our hands. While staying in a constrained space. All alone. Which is surely a challenge even for the most domesticated of us. While it’s important to relax and have some me-time, if you’re single and looking, there is no better feeling than doing something small yet important for the future you. Who will be back in the game as soon as the coronavirus crisis is dealt with. So, here are some simple tricks on how to enhance your online dating experience in corona times. read more

Social Distancing: Use Your Time Wisely

Social distancing can put our patience to the test, but at this point we must act responsibly so that we and our loved ones stay safe

Instead of complaining about the situation we are in, we can try and focus on the bright side, which in this case is what staying home might have to offer. including all the digital tools we have at our fingertips that can dispel loneliness and boredom.

So, what can you do in this period, especially if you are looking for a partner? Here are some fun things you can do to keep your love life alive without leaving home. read more

Escape From Worries: 5 Spring Date Ideas

It’s March. Winter is officially over and we’ll be able to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities once again. Spring is the perfect season for romance. Take advantage of it with our 5 spring date ideas. Read until the end for an important message!


1. Chill outside


During winter we’ve all been stuck at home. Let’s take advantage of the sun and warm weather. Celebrate with taking a walk around the city center or grab a car and drive outside to the nature. To make it more romantic, pack up some snacks and enjoy a cozy picnic by the beach or in the park. Don’t forget the blanket read more

Women’s Empowerment and Being a Sugar Babe: 5 Things to Remember

Women’s empowerment is something we as women should care about throughout the year, whether we’re going to celebrate International Women’s day or not. We at certainly will. To honor this special day, we prepared 5 little reminders to all our Sugar Babes out there. From one woman to another.


1. You’re in control

No matter who’s paying for dinner, you are in control of your time, goals and decisions. it’s entirely up to you what kind of people you’re surrounding yourself with – so make sure you get the respect you deserve. read more

Deal Breakers For Sugar Babes

We are all attracted to different personality traits and physical appearances. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, there are basic rules that you need to follow in connection with your sugar baby to ensure that your relationship will be long lasting. We highly recommend you take our advice seriously


5 Deal Breakers For Sugar Babes


1. Not understanding the word ‘no’

It goes for all women, not just sugar babies. If the man offers woman something and she politely rejects, further nagging is so unattractive. Not to mention disrespectful. If she says ‘no’ to another drink or meeting, you have to respect her decision. Making her feel bad about it, is so salty. You will just drive her away. read more

Long Distance Sugar Dating: 5 Things You Need to Know About It

Long distance sugar dating is not for everyone. It requires from you to be satisfied with less. Instead of meeting up for dinner, a phone call has to be enough. There is an event that you would attend with your sugar daddy if he was here, but, well, he is not. 

This kind of relationship requires a certain type of character. When it comes to sugar dating, long distance relationships are more likely to happen. Sugar daddies often travel for business, so there is a high chance that you will end up dating someone from another country.  read more

Danish Sugar Daddy Lars: read his story

A guest submission by a Danish Sugar Daddy Lars


“Use sugar dating to meet people you never would & expand your outlook!”


Enter my first sugar date.

I had just signed up on SugarDaters and wrote to a few girls. I was quite used to Tinder, and my initial surprise was how easy it was to have fun conversations with very interesting people.

One of the girls I was talking with was up for a quick chemistry-meeting. Having no idea what that meant, I obviously decided this was a great way of finding out. We arranged a meeting at the train station (hey, not all sugar daddies have cars ;).


The meeting went… Great.

We met, we hugged and we talked instantly. We went to a local store and bought wine. We then went to a park and sat down and talked in the late summer evening. We talked for hours. We also kissed. We also did things you’re not supposed to do in public.  read more

Valentine’s Day Destinations

Valentine’s Day Destinations! Next week, we’ll be celebrating the day of romance. It’s your chance to plan an amazing surprise for your sugar partner. Bring a little bit of adventure and fun into your sugar relationship! There is nothing more romantic than taking a trip together. Romantic dinners, late night walks around the city with cocktails in busy bars and ‘dolce far niente’ – blissful laziness. Here’s our list of the most romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in Europe:


  1. Florence, Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world! Any destination in this country can be romantic, but Florence definitely is on top of the list. Since February is not a tourist season in Florence, prices are lower and attractions less crowded. Prepare for the colder weather (average of 12 Celsius) and enjoy romantic Florence! read more

Become a Conversation Starter at SugarDaters and Find Your Valentine!

It’s year 2020, and it’s time to finally throw the old habit of waiting to be talked to out the window. Time to take matters in your own hands and find your Valentine! Besides, do you really think that your Valentine’s date will just magically appear without any extra effort from your side?

Where do you start? It’s simple. From the 4th until the 10th of February, look for Sugar Daddy profiles with a golden frame. See someone you might be into? Choose at least one person to start a conversation with that day and drop them a message! read more

Blue Monday: Start Doing These 5 Things to Avoid the Winter Blues

According to Cliff Arnall and his formula, today we ‘celebrate’ Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. The hype of Christmas is over, we are starting to give up on our New Year’s resolutions. Our motivation is low + it’s dark and cold outside. Now, we are a bit skeptical when it comes to the validity of his Math based formula, but you must admit – the man has a point. Bad weather wasn’t as annoying in December because we had Christmas ahead. But now it’s over. Probably most of us made a New Year’s Resolution to go to gym more or eat less sweets and well, we’ve already failed. The winter blues is starting to kick in… But hey! It doesn’t have to be this way! We’ve prepared 5 things you need to start doing this winter season to avoid seasonal depression! read more

Safety in Online Dating: A Sugarbaby’s 9 Step Guide

The Internet is a wonderful place, but it is not free from an occasional shadow. We do our best on SugarDaters to ensure the quality of our user base by manually approving each profile, drastically reducing the risk of fakes, scammers or wandering trolls. But we are not mind readers. At the end of the day, each of us has to have safety in online (and offline) dating in mind. You simply need to know these simple, yet necessary precautions. Follow our 9 Step Guide to Safety in Online (And Offline) Dating. read more

5 Tips For a Successful First Sugar Date

The first date is the key that either locks or unlocks your future sugar relationship. If it goes bad, well, that’s it. Of course, chemistry is the key. If you are truly attracted to each other, it will all work out. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. So here they are, our 5 tips for a successful first sugar date.

1. Be confident

I know, easier said than done, huh? But being overly nervous and insecure can totally kill the vibe for the other person. Don’t come on the date with the mindset that you must sweep the other person off their feet. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Instead, imagine that you are meeting a friend. Just think of it as a chill hangout. And don’t expect any specific outcome. If it goes bad, at least you’ll have a funny story to tell. read more

Stop Doing This to Get More Dates in 2020…

…and Write the Perfect First Message Instead

The New Year is right around the corner. And we believe in starting the new dating season on the right foot. All you need for a brand new start is the perfect first message. But how do you draft one? To help you out, we talked to our Sugar Babes and selected 4 big no-go’s in first messages. Those are the things you need to stop doing to get more dates in 2020. At the end, you will find our pro-tip on creating your first message. The right way.

But first, let’s start out by taking a look into what not to do. read more

A SugarDaters Christmas: 10 Christmas Season Activity Ideas for You and Your SugarDaddy

Christmas is the perfect festivity to spend alongside your sugar partner. The fairy lights, the Christmas markets, the music, the food… All that characterize the Holidays are guaranteed to give your sugar date a unique, romantic vibe. Here are our 10 Christmas Season Activity ideas for you and your SugarDaddy/SugarMama!


1. Decorate together

Get into the Christmas mood by transforming your home in your own winter wonderland! Choose the best Christmas tree, get wild with fairy lights and make your own garlands. And don’t forget the mistletoe to give a romantic spin to the evening! read more

SugarDaters Interactive: A Guide to Best Christmas Gifts For Your Sugar Daddy

Christmas is coming! And what’s not to like when it comes to Christmas lights, fuzzy feelings and cosy magical atmospheres? Of course, true to the spirit of festivity, you might want to thank your Sugar Daddy for being such a wonderful part of your life. With a special Christmas gifts, of course. But what to get for the man that has it all? Let’s discuss together! Choose a question and leave your answer in the comments below.

Here you will find some tips to make your Sugar Daddy extra happy this Christmas. read more

Digital vs Analogue: Here’s Why You Need a Website to Enter the Sugar Dating World

Before the Internet, in the era in which you could not just summon a date in a matter of minutes and a couple of clicks, like-minded people must have found a way to meet. So, why should you use a platform like to enter the Sugar Dating World? Instead of, for example, finding your way to your sugar date in the dim-lit bar of a Hilton. While certainly romantic, this kind of approach might be dangerous. It could also lead to unwelcome surprises, unpleasant situations or confusing misunderstandings. read more

Winter Is Coming: 10 Ideas for a Sweet Winter

Weather temperature below 0, little to no sunlight, icy roads… As depressing as this might sound, don’t let the cold scare you. Winter is a great season for romance! So no need to hibernate your SugarDaters account. Here are some ideas to show your sugar partner all the excitement, adventure and joy that only winter can bring.

1. Get matching gloves

Or hats. Or socks. Or sweaters. Just make them fluffy, fuzzy, and extremely fun. Other than keeping you nice and warm, wrapping each other in colourful wool will surely brighten up your winter days. read more

Black Friday – how to get ready?

How to Get Ready for Black Friday 

Black Friday is slowly approaching, and shopping madness is about to begin. On the 29th of November, many of us will rush to the stores and browse great bargains. But how can we make this day truly worth it? We prepared you a few tips (along with an amazing SugarDaters offer, yayy!). 

1. Check the prices ahead of time

Some stores try to fool their customers! They increase the prices right before the Black Friday, just so that they could offer an amazing ‘discount’. The only way to ensure that this will not happen to you is to check the prices of the items now. read more

12 Adventurous Fall Date Ideas

12 Adventurous Fall Date Ideas

Whether you are in a romantic relationship and you want to spice things up or you are looking for some fun, ideas for your next day or night out with your crush, try out some of SugarDaters’ ideas which could turn into unique dates.

Dating is important, especially in the beginning of your relationship. The right kind of activities can give you great insights into your date’s personality, what he/she might like or dislike. However coming up with the perfect date for you and your crush can be harder than it seems. That’s why we prepared for you a few fall date ideas that will guarantee you unique memories and quality time together.  read more

Celebrate Singles’ Day regardless if you’re single or not!

Celebrate Singles’ Day regardless if you’re single or not!

Singles’ Day takes place on November 11 each year. It originates from China and it began as a celebration for single people back in the 1990s. That was the day when students at Nanjing University would celebrate their single-hood. After it was adopted by a giant e-commerce business,  Singles’ Day became a massive shopping holiday world-wide.

Whether you want to celebrate being romantically unattached or you want to go shopping on the largest shopping holiday of the year, here’s a list of suggestions on how to spend 11/11:  read more

Sugar Daddy: Profile Tips To Increase Matches

On SugarDaters you can find the perfect Sugar Babe for you, which is why we want to make sure that your profile is representing you in the best way possible. We know it can be tricky sometimes to create the best online dating profile, which is why we prepared a few tips for you.

Where to start?

  • The first thing that Sugar Baby will notice is your profile picture! You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to attract attention.Just make sure that your picture is good quality, shot with a good lighting (preferably natural one) and it shows your full face. Present a natural smile (women are not attracted to Mr. Grumpy Guy) and try to look approachable, like someone that she could just say ‘hi’ to.
  • The next thing that she will notice is your profile description. Try to describe yourself in the essence (mention how you like to spend your free time and what drives you in life) also say a little bit about your expectations, so that she knows what you want to get out of your relationship.
  • Add more pictures! Once sugar baby sees your profile picture and reads your bio, she will want to see more! Add picture showing your full posture, so that she has a clear idea on how you look like. Show how you like to spend your free time, maybe a picture from your last holidays or from a beautiful hike. She won’t be able to resist imagining herself with you on those great adventures.
  • Fill out all fields on your profile page, it includes your occupation, education and physical appearance. It helps the sugar baby to see who you are and what you are interested in. It will be easier for her to relate to you once she knows basic information about you. You’re a businessman? Great, maybe her friend just started a start-up. You’re a lawyer? Maybe she was always curious how it is inside of the courtroom. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find common topics with her.
  • Portray yourself as a positive person. Don’t include any negative or discouraging descriptions in your bio. That will make her lose interest in you.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any spelling/grammar errors!

What not to do?

  • You shouldn’t exaggerate. Don’t overwhelm her with an enormous amount of information. Provide all the details mentioned above, but try to keep it relatively short and clear-cut. Spark her interest about yourself, but don’t give everything away too soon. It can be hard to do, but imagine it as your online dating equivalent of your business card. You want to provide all the necessities, but still you want to interest her in the meeting. Give her an appetiser, not a main course.
  • Be careful not to get carried away. Don’t include anything inappropriate in your profile (or during your face-to-face meeting). It’s a huge no go.
  • You shouldn’t insist too much. If she doesn’t reply back to your message, don’t write a second one. If she’s interested, you will know.

 Implement all the above mentioned tips and you will definitely get more matches. The most important outcome of this post – show who you are! But don’t give everything away. Comment below if the tips helped (or if you have anything to add). read more