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Can your soulmate be 20-30 years younger?

The mirror effect in sugar dating

Can you recognise a kind of soulmate in a person who is 20 or even 30 years younger than you? Some members of Sugardaters® might chuckle and reply that it can’t be done, because multi-generational relationships are nothing more than the kind of ‘marriage of convenience’ that can be characterised as simply paying for someone’s company.

Yet in all the years you’ve been sugar dating, have you ever had the nagging feeling that a sugar baby was close to you? Right away you could connect with her emotions, you could imagine her among her family members and, as if by magic, these thoughts inspired you how to behave and she could confide in you very naturally. Confidence came easily. This is what psychology calls the “mirror effect“.

If you are lucky enough to meet such a person in your dating activities, make sure you take care and don’t let her out of your sight. Unlike sugar dating, which must involve physical intimacy for the relationship to survive, a match like this can lead to something more spiritual, friendship.

But is friendship with someone 20 or 30 years younger than you really possible? After all you do not share the same interests, one being at the dawn of her adult life and the other at the twilight of the prime of his life?

It is true that there are so many things that you don’t have in common (experience, dreams, money and so on) and that may undermine this special notion of the mirror effect. 

Nonetheless, stay with the first impression that led you to identify this mirror effect and you will never have to worry about where your relationship might take you. Think of this image you had on the first date as the keel of a ship that guides your way and keeps you afloat, whatever storms may be approaching.

Compromises will need to be made along the way: anyone can have frustrations, complexes and worries. However if you keep an open mind in your relationship, especially when a sugar baby speaks about her seemingly weird, nonsensical wishes and desires, rather than provoking you, isn’t she subconsciously inviting you to discover things you have no experience of?

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