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Basic Skills for Sugar Daddies: Why Social Intuition Works?

Social intuition comes with practice. Every Sugar Daddy should learn to get used to a woman’s presence.

Some of the skills that all good Sugar Daddies should have: anticipating reactions, defusing a conflict, knowing how to smoothly propose an outing and others.

However, this is not that easy to acquire, since one of the main issues is that Sugar Daddies have to deal with various personalities in ever changing contexts. This requires the skill to adapt to situations where the Sugar Daddy must put his Sugar Babe’s emotions before his own and take the right decisions with detachment and discernment when it is necessary.

This can be a real concern for a 40-50 years old man hardened by life and its low blows that have pushed him to get into the bad habit of imposing his choices despite the circumstances.

It is of course important for a Sugar Daddy to affirm himself, to undertake and not renounce his crush for a Sugar Babe. However this demands tact and flexibility!

If for example, you and your Sugar Babe are standing at the bar of a club when suddenly you are interrupted by a drunk who has decided to pick up your invitee. That guy is wearisome and it is difficult to get rid of him. You can tell that your Sugar Babe is irritated since she is nearly begging you with her eyes to immediately control this unbearable situation.

In this case a good social intuition would be to stand in a friendly way between him and the Sugar Babe, ask the guy something like ‘Having a nice evening?‘. Then you tell him that it was nice meeting him, you take your Sugar Babe by the hand and, quietly but with confidence you say ‘Come, we need to rejoin the group for one last drink’.

By acting in this way you demonstrate that you can easily shut down a source of conflict by finding instinctively creative solutions, while at the same time, showing your ability to understand the desires of your partner.

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