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Month: February 2020

Valentine’s Day Destinations

Valentine’s Day Destinations! Next week, we’ll be celebrating the day of romance. It’s your chance to plan an amazing surprise for your sugar partner. Bring a little bit of adventure and fun into your sugar relationship! There is nothing more romantic than taking a trip together. Romantic dinners, late night walks around the city with cocktails in busy bars and ‘dolce far niente’ – blissful laziness. Here’s our list of the most romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in Europe:


  1. Florence, Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world! Any destination in this country can be romantic, but Florence definitely is on top of the list. Since February is not a tourist season in Florence, prices are lower and attractions less crowded. Prepare for the colder weather (average of 12 Celsius) and enjoy romantic Florence! read more