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Month: December 2019

Stop Doing This to Get More Dates in 2020…

…and Write the Perfect First Message Instead

The New Year is right around the corner. And we believe in starting the new dating season on the right foot. All you need for a brand new start is the perfect first message. But how do you draft one? To help you out, we talked to our Sugar Babes and selected 4 big no-go’s in first messages. Those are the things you need to stop doing to get more dates in 2020. At the end, you will find our pro-tip on creating your first message. The right way.

But first, let’s start out by taking a look into what not to do. read more

A SugarDaters Christmas: 10 Christmas Season Activity Ideas for You and Your SugarDaddy

Christmas is the perfect festivity to spend alongside your sugar partner. The fairy lights, the Christmas markets, the music, the food… All that characterize the Holidays are guaranteed to give your sugar date a unique, romantic vibe. Here are our 10 Christmas Season Activity ideas for you and your SugarDaddy/SugarMama!


1. Decorate together

Get into the Christmas mood by transforming your home in your own winter wonderland! Choose the best Christmas tree, get wild with fairy lights and make your own garlands. And don’t forget the mistletoe to give a romantic spin to the evening! read more

SugarDaters Interactive: A Guide to Best Christmas Gifts For Your Sugar Daddy

Christmas is coming! And what’s not to like when it comes to Christmas lights, fuzzy feelings and cosy magical atmospheres? Of course, true to the spirit of festivity, you might want to thank your Sugar Daddy for being such a wonderful part of your life. With a special Christmas gifts, of course. But what to get for the man that has it all? Let’s discuss together! Choose a question and leave your answer in the comments below.

Here you will find some tips to make your Sugar Daddy extra happy this Christmas. read more

Digital vs Analogue: Here’s Why You Need a Website to Enter the Sugar Dating World

Before the Internet, in the era in which you could not just summon a date in a matter of minutes and a couple of clicks, like-minded people must have found a way to meet. So, why should you use a platform like to enter the Sugar Dating World? Instead of, for example, finding your way to your sugar date in the dim-lit bar of a Hilton. While certainly romantic, this kind of approach might be dangerous. It could also lead to unwelcome surprises, unpleasant situations or confusing misunderstandings. read more