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Month: April 2019

Sugar Dating Is Not Just Sugar Dating: Everyone Is Different

Around Easter, I can celebrate my first year anniversary after trying out Sugar Dating for the first time. When I started out, I really had low expectations.

It started out as a fun thing to try, with no expectation of continuing it. However, I quickly realised the Sugar Dating is not like media describes it.

What I quickly found out on the site, was that sugar-dating is not just one thing. I have come to realize that you really have two axes that people are on:

  • One axis is “I really need sugar” vs. “I don’t want sugar
  • One axis is “I want fun” vs “I want serious

I think many people get the wrong picture just by looking at the “I really need sugar” + “I want fun” part of the Sugar Dating community. I have absolutely nothing against people that want that combination, it’s just a huge turn-off for me so I avoid it. read more

SugarDating and Money: Can they be combined?

Sugar Dating and Money, Can They Be Combined?

Contrary to what many sugardaddies may believe, there are cases where money can work against a sugardaddy’s interests.

“Why is he so special for me to decide to stay with him?” is a question a woman likes to ask, not only in Sugardating but also in any other kind of relationship.  

On the one hand, a sugarbaby likes to be praised, to feel as if she is the most beautiful woman and to be the centre of attention. On the other hand (unlike many sugardaddies might believe) she likes to be challenged as well, in the sense that she needs to find reasons to persuade herself to be with you.  

Being in the company of other women in front of her, is of course one of the things that you can do in order to provoke her curiosity and to improve her interest in you. However, not letting her know that you are willing to spend money on her (not even talking about money at all) can really be a test for measuring the level of attraction she has for you!

I can recall two particular cases of sugarbabies from SugarDaters that I have dated in the past. During our dates, I chose not to address the question of money at all. I foremost wanted to see how much I could approach her without playing the card of money. After two weeks of a constant exchange of calls and texts I managed to go out with them for dinner AND spend the night with them afterwards, without mentioning money. Then I quickly realised that these sugarbabies were not in need of money in the first place. read more

When a sugar baby is a master manipulator

For most of the sugar babies, a sugar daddy plays the role of the saviour. He is the one who saves them from parental authority and strict education. He provides them with a door that leads to a life full of experiences where they can also discover their own body.

By replacing the father’s affection, a sugar daddy can be a guide or a mentor as well.   Because of his cool and relaxed attitude, whilst giving wise advice about career, love or friendship, the sugar daddy inspires confidence and represents a natural authority free from judgment. read more

How do sugar daddies cope with getting older?

How do sugar daddies cope with getting older?

Sugar daddies represent experience and wisdom. However, after the age of 40, not all of them know which direction their sentimental life should take. Although, sugar dating for some just means entertainment, for some others it is a real initiation course that usually occurs after a divorce at an age when their personal values are questioned. The beauty of sugar dating is the period when it happens: it is the time when sugar babies (women at the end of their adolescence) meet sugar daddies (men at the beginning of their emotional reconstruction period). At the age of forty (or even more), some men embrace the image of a “holy mother” by considering well educated model girls as their own daughters. They then start to play the role of guide advisor and protector. They support them. They become their sugar daddies. read more