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Month: November 2018

Sugar Advisor: That’s a Wrap.

That’s a Wrap.


Do you know the feeling that one chapter of your life has come to end? That you needed this process to create the person you are now? My chapter related to this blog naturally ended. The past 17 months have been an incredible and unforgettable experience. I had a chance to describe my life and unconventional events related to Sugar Dating.

Thanks to SugarDaters Blog I got to know many inspiring, positive and open-minded people. I was able to express my feelings, passions, and frustrations. I also think that I went through a transformation as an author. From an inexperienced blogger, I became a full-blown writer expressing myself in a sincere way. Weekly diving into reflections of Sugar Dating gave me an understanding of this type of life and let me get to know this environment. I got rid of many prejudices and I opened myself to others. Nobody will take away my experiences, and the people I have met will become friends for years. read more